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Start:Innerthal Dam
Target:Innerthal Post
Best Time:January – December

Experience magical moments of delight on a scenic loop around the hidden gem of Wägitalersee, complete with fire pits, restaurants, and breathtaking panoramic views.

von Marc Gottwald
  • Various seating options make the leisurely hike a pleasurable experience
  • There are improvised fireplaces, which can of course be used for a fine barbecue
  • There are a few restaurants well distributed on the Wägitalersee
  • Angenehmer flacher Weg auf schwach befahrener Strasse (ca. 10 Autos in 3 Stunden), auch für Familien mit Kinderwagen geeignet
  • Admire typical Innerschwyz architecture on the Wägitalersee

Wägitalersee – a place of dreams and peace

“What? There wasn’t a lake here 100 years ago?” asked a man from the group in astonishment. are we honest That’s probably how most people think when they go to the Wägitalersee. “Many” is always relative. Because there are almost no people here. Your luck, because it is the insider tip par excellence. And that’s exactly why we take you on a hike around the Wägitalersee. Things packed and ready? Let’s go!

Reconstruction of Innerthal due to dam construction

You start at Innerthal dam. This place can be easily reached by post bus. And that in just 1h15 minutes by public transport from Zurich. There are also parking spaces in Innerthal. What is interesting: Innerthal was rebuilt. No, it wasn’t an earthquake, nor was it a landslide or anything like that. Where there is now a lake, there was once the old Innerthal. When the dam was built in 1924, the entire valley was flooded and the village had to be abandoned. There was even a well-known and very classy bathing and spa hotel, where many well-known people were treated. Nevertheless, this too was flooded. That is why Innerthal was rebuilt a little higher up. Now you definitely want to see old pictures too! Here is the link to these impressive impressions. But not only the reservoir hit Wägital pretty hard. Around 300 years earlier, namely in 1629, the plague broke out in Wägital and took the lives of more than 350 people. That was about half of all villagers! But enough horror stories, let’s move on. You hike around Lake Wägital in around 3 hours and 15 minutes on a road with very little traffic. We met only about 10 cars, all of which drove very carefully. So the hike is also suitable for families (with prams) at their own risk. Please note that from late spring to early autumn there are significantly more cars on the road.

Magical panorama with great seating

When the weather is nice, a majestic panorama of the surrounding imposing mountains such as the Bockmattli, the Schiberg and the Brünnelistock, which are all around 2000 meters high, awaits you. Of course, highly motivated professionals can also climb these mountains, although you have to be very experienced here (alpine hiking trail).

You will also notice the many fishermen, because fishing on the Wägitalersee is very popular. Adults can buy a one-day license for CHF 30. Of course, breaks should not be neglected with such a dream view. How about a break on one of these beautiful benches overlooking the Alps and the landscape carved by the glacier? An indescribable feeling that you absolutely have to experience once! You don’t have to come home hungry after this hike either, after all there are always improvised fireplaces on the edge of the Wägitalersee. In Au and in Innerthal there are also a total of three restaurants on this hike, which are there for refreshment. The restaurant in Au was closed for us. I would call first to be sure.

After hiking for around 3 hours, you will reach the Innerthal Post starting point. The post bus runs every hour. The Wägital is a great starting point for hikes. For example, there is an alternative hike to the Gross-Aubrig, where you can see seven lakes in good weather. Or over the Chli-Aubrig into the Euthal to the second artificial reservoir, the Sihlsee.

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