The Pyramids of Switzerland (Valais)

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Mighty creation of nature

The bus takes you up the valley, bend after bend, until just before Euseigne, spectacular creatures appear: The Pyramids of Euseigne.

Even if you have seen the rock pyramids in the photos a few times, it is incomparable when you stand in front of them.

Simply impressive how these large stone colossi, weighing up to 20 tons, can be held by the pyramid columns.

Here it is definitely worth taking a break for an hour, enjoying yourself and taking a few great pictures before continuing your journey.

Again and again the glacier

In almost every Myswisspanorama report, the glacier has a role in the creation of the various Swiss natural beauties. Here too. Because the pyramids of Euseigne would not exist without glaciers.

Thus, at Euseigne, the glaciers of the Val d’Hérémence and Val d’Hérens came together and formed a mighty medial moraine with a lot of rock debris and large boulders. Since the pressure was tremendous, the glacial debris of the moraine was literally pressed together. Voids filled with sand and clay, resulting in a highly resistant structure. But nothing reminded of pyramids in any way.

To better visualize the principle of the medial moraine, here is a link. The medial moraine is at the marked red arrows, where two glaciers meet.

Because the glacier retreated no later than 10,000 years ago, the material slowly weathered and was eroded by rain and wind. But the large boulders protect their covered part from rapid weathering. And that’s exactly why parts of the once huge moraine remained here and formed the spectacular pyramids of Euseigne.

Due to the fluctuating temperatures (cold – hot), crevices form in the pyramids, which will eventually cause the pillars to collapse.

By the way: The road that leads through the pyramid and today should no longer be built in this form due to the protection of the landscape, has existed for more than 150 years. A picture from 1860 can be admired on this link.

The most important things in brief

  • The pyramids of Euseigne were created by the glacier
  • A fantastic place and excursion tip for a short break.

How to get there:Take the Postbus 381 (direction Les Haudères) from Sion directly to the pyramids of Euseigne. Also possible by car (parking spaces available).

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