Panoramic Lakeside Walk (Zurich)

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Duration:1h 10min.
Start:Rapperswil train station
Target:Pfäffikon (SZ) train station
Best TimeJanuary – December

Panorama lakeside walk in the nature reserve with a unique view of Lake Zurich and the foothills of the Alps.

by Marc Gottwald
  • There is nice seating on the Seedamm
  • The Seedamm is the longest wooden bridge in Switzerland
  • Walk perfect for families with children (suitable for strollers)
  • Before starting the walk, a detour to Rapperswil is highly recommended

Beautiful medieval town

Do you love beautiful medieval old towns? How about a pinch of southern flair? Or with a relaxing walk over the longest wooden footbridge in Switzerland? Then you’ve come to the right place in Rapperswil.

With a monastery, a castle, its medieval inns and a unique view, Rapperswil offers everything your heart desires.

That’s why it’s worth strolling through the old town of Rapperswil before the actual walk.

The longest wooden bridge in Switzerland

You start at the Rapperswil train station and stroll through the campus of the Technical University of Rapperswil until you come to the 841m long wooden lake dam. It is the longest wooden bridge in Switzerland.

According to tradition, there must have been a sea dam made of wood 3,500 years ago, since pile dwellers are said to have lived here.

By the way: There’s always enough time for a short break, right? There is uniquely great seating. Here you can recharge your batteries or just enjoy.

Swans, seagulls and the coot (Taucherli) cavort over the shallow water, as you move more and more towards the nature reserve. Definitely worth mentioning is the gigantic view of the foothills of the Alps and the Etzel, Pfäffikon’s local mountain. A pure delight this walk!

In the Frauenwinkel nature reserve

After the Holzseeweg you come to the nature reserve Frauenwinkel. It is the largest nature reserve in Zurich with over 350 hectares, which corresponds to the size of 490 football pitches.

Fortunately, instead of Messi and Ronaldo, there are rare animals such as sand lizards, which feel particularly comfortable in the stony terrain. The shore is overgrown with an important and very wide belt of reeds. But what is a reed belt important for?

It serves as a breeding ground and habitat for various (rare) species. It also improves water quality and breaks waves. Reeds also stop shore erosion, which carries sand away from the shore.

There is a nice picnic spot with a playground, fireplace and clean public toilets that invite you to linger. But the next place is much nicer for a picnic:

After 50 minutes you will pass a canal with great seating and the most beautiful view of Lake Zurich. It’s definitely worth taking a break here! After a 1h 10 minute walk you will arrive at the Pfäffikon SZ train station.

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