Color spectacle at the Goldseeli (Central Switzerland)

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Magical lake, tragic story

It magically shines gold-green-bluish.

What almost sounds like an opal is one of the most colorful lakes in Switzerland: the Goldsee.

Even the name gives it away. This is a very special place.

Firstly, it is a place of enjoyment and relaxation. Secondly, there are very many rare species here. And thirdly, one of the greatest tragedies in Switzerland happened here 200 years ago.

Short walk to the beautiful lake

From the Goldau, Buosingen Camping bus stop you can reach the Goldseeli in just 15 minutes. And I admit, I’ve never seen so many beautiful facets in such a short time.

Just before you go into the forest, you can see the Lauerzersee and the Mythen with a unique view. It almost looks as if the two mountains are watching over the region and protecting it. A magical sight.

After a few minutes of walking, you will reach the forest. Here it looks as if you have arrived in the jungle. Tree trunks lying around wildly and huge rocks covered with moss adorn the landscape.

Wonderful, this wilderness!

1806 – a tragic event

How beautiful and peaceful everything is today.

But appearances are deceptive! One of the most violent natural disasters in Switzerland took place here more than 200 years ago: the Goldau rock fall.

It is the largest rock fall that has ever happened in Switzerland. 457 people lost their lives and completely destroyed the villages of Arth and Goldau. Even a 20 meter high tidal wave was triggered by the falling rocks in the Lauerzersee.

According to scientists, the causes are prolonged rainfall and heavy snowmelt. Since two different types of rock were stacked on top of each other (conglomerate on marl), the marl rock was chemically weathered due to the wetness and thus a slip surface. Due to the immense weight of the rock and the angle of the slope, the conglomerate rock slid down into the valley.

Natural paradise created

But this tragedy also created an incredibly beautiful natural paradise, which is a place of relaxation and dreaming for us humans. Without this landslide, the Goldseeli would not even exist!

Thanks to the wonderful seating and barbecue facilities, you can spend hours here. As it is a nature reserve, however, the noise level should be kept as low as possible. And now I’ll tell you a very important reason:

With a bit of luck you can even see one of the rare kingfishers here! But that only works when it’s quiet. Otherwise these birds will soon no longer have a habitat because of us humans – and will die out.

Grass snakes, crested newts and yellow-bellied toads also live in the ponds. Rare plants such as the protected orchids (orchids and marshworts) can be observed in the fen.

The most important things in brief

  • Magical landscape with the blue-golden-green Goldsee, the jungle and rare plants and animals such as the kingfisher and various types of orchids.
  • Barbecue grills available
  • The area is a nature reserve. Please keep the noise level low so as not to completely disturb the habitat of the rare species.

Directions: By bus to the Goldau bus stop, Buosingen Camping. It is also possible to park your car for a fee (buy tickets at the camping counter). However, camping users have priority and places are limited.

Food: Barbecue areas with grills and seating are available at the Goldseeli. Otherwise there is a restaurant at the campsite. Opening hours are from Wednesday to Friday from 4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m.

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