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As the leading private tour operator in Switzerland, we are proud to extend our service guarantee to tours of France, Italy, the UK & Ireland, Spain & Portugal, Iceland, and Morocco.

Our experience providing top-of-the-range private tour experiences for our guests has naturally led to us forming strategic partnerships with the finest tour providers across the continent and beyond. This means we can ensure our guests will enjoy the same level of customer care, superlative guided tour experiences, and our unique cancellation guarantee wherever they wish to travel.

Get started on your next adventure, backed by our commitment to seamless, secure experiences wherever your wanderlust leads.

Private Tours Of Italy

Alongside continuing their Alpine journey into the Dolomites and beyond, people frequently choose to visit Switzerland and Italy on one vacation to experience the striking contrast between Switzerland’s pristine alpine landscapes and Italy’s rich historical and cultural tapestry.

This combination offers a diverse journey from the tranquil beauty of the Swiss Alps to Italy’s vibrant art, history, and culinary delights, making for a holistic journey into the soul of Europe.

Contact our team today for a custom itinerary designed by local specialists, luxury accommodation, and VIP access to the most iconic sights in Italy and Switzerland.

France Guided Tours

Another classic choice is to extend your Swiss vacation into France. With the 2 countries sharing a 355-mile border, train routes, and just a 1-hour flight apart, it couldn’t be easier.

This combination allows for an easy exploration of two distinct European experiences: the tranquil, scenic beauty of Switzerland and the vibrant, historical depth of France, all within the ease of one seamlessly planned vacation.

Let our French partners craft a personally tailored experience for your vacation by submitting an inquiry below.

Explore The UK & Ireland With Your Driver-Guide

The British Isles, woven with history and myth, captivate with stories of monarchs, ancient Arthurian legends, and literary greats. Our tailor-made tours across the UK and Ireland bring these tales of historical stone rings, grand fortresses, and historic events to life.

Our experienced local guides and tour planners take you beyond the famed Big Ben in London and Edinburgh’s ancient Royal Mile to the untamed beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the serene landscapes of Ireland’s Ring of Kerry. Discover Wales’ melodic charm and Northern Ireland’s folklore, stroll through the lush fields of the Cotswolds, or marvel at the hexagonal stones of the Giant’s Causeway.

Allow our experts to craft your expedition, unveiling the unique charm of each nation within the UK and Ireland.

Guided Spain & Portugal Vacations

Our tour planning team in Spain are specialists at blending a mosaic of experiences from these two Iberain brothers into one seamless vacation experience.

The confluence of Spain’s vibrant festivals and culinary prowess with Portugal’s historic charm and picturesque landscapes offers travelers a truly enriching experience across the two sun-kissed European destinations.

Entrust our team to craft a journey for you that goes beyond the bustling streets of Madrid and the iconic trams of Lisbon to the serene beauty of Spain’s Costa Brava and Portugal’s Algarve coast. Discover the artistic legacy of Barcelona’s modernist landmarks and the historic charm of Porto’s wine cellars, stroll through the cobblestone lanes of Seville, or be mesmerized by the dramatic cliffs of Portugal’s Sagres.

Iceland Tours

Iceland beckons with its dramatic landscapes, from the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights to the raw power of geysers and waterfalls, making it a destination for those seeking both adventure and tranquility.

Its unique geological wonders, including vast lava fields, glaciers, and black sand beaches, offer an unparalleled connection to the natural world. Beyond its natural beauty, Iceland’s rich Viking history and vibrant contemporary culture provide a deep dive into a society that values sustainability and creativity.

Trust our locally based tour planners to tailor the perfect custom itinerary for you.

Get Your Morocco Tour Guide

Morocco is a tapestry of sensory experiences, from the bustling souks and fragrant spices of Marrakech to the serene expanses of the Sahara Desert.

The rich history of Morocco, reflected in its palaces, mosques, and medinas, invites exploration into a past where Berber, Arab, and European influences intertwine.

Allow our locally based Moroccan tour planners to take care of every detail of your adventure into North Africa. With their expertise, your custom itinerary will unveil Morocco’s authentic spirit, promising a journey that’s as enriching as it is exhilarating.