Relaxation oasis at Lake Lucerne (Central Switzerland)

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Overtourism in Lucerne – not so here

What a contrast!

On the one hand the city of Lucerne. Recently it has become more and more associated with the term “overtourism”.

Overtourism means something like mass tourism. There are signs when the local population no longer really feels at home.

According to NZZ, the city center of Lucerne has 9.4 million tourists per year, compared to 50,000 residents. So there are 116 visitors per inhabitant.

Many popular destinations around the city are therefore now overcrowded. An example is the beautiful Rigi or Mount Pilatus. But the Stanserhorn is also very popular.

Are there still rather quiet places in the region?


Relaxation oasis near Buochs

On the other side namely the dream meadow at Buochs. Lush green, filled with flowers and a magical view of Lake Lucerne and the Pre-Alps.

From autumn to spring there are almost no people to be found here. Only in summer, during the bathing season, is the hustle and bustle a little bigger here. But still significantly less than in Lucerne.

The many benches with shady trees are the ideal place for relaxation in this dream oasis. And if the water isn’t too cold, why not take a dip?

View of Goethe’s mountain

Furthermore, on the other side of the lake, you catch a glimpse of the hotspot of mass tourism: the imposing Queen of the Mountains “Rigi”. Beautiful but crowded.

From the tranquility here, it is almost impossible to imagine that this is a completely different world.

But the Rigi has been a very popular destination for centuries. The Rigi Kalt-Badquelle was first mentioned in 1540 due to its sacred effect. Goethe also loved the Rigi. He was so enthusiastic about the mountain and the unique panoramic view that he continued to study it for years.

And after the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the number of tourists increased sharply. Above all, aristocratic and well-educated people such as writers, professors, students and artists traveled to the mountain.

The most important things in brief

  • Even close to crowded Lucerne there are still quiet, deserted places
  • Only 25 minutes from Lucerne
  • The best time is between autumn and spring, in summer there are some bathers
  • Public toilets available

Arrival:By public transport from Lucerne: train to Stans, then by post bus from Stans to Buochs Unterfeld. By car: Parking spaces available for a fee at Buochs Unterfeld.

Food: No restaurant or food stand directly on the lake. According to Tripadvisor, the best restaurant in Buochs is Restaurant Hirschen.

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