Frequently Asked Questions

1. How customizable are your tour packages?

Completely! Whether you’re drawn to the majestic Alps, historical landmarks, or culinary delights, we tailor each itinerary to your interests, pace, and travel style, ensuring your Swiss vacation is uniquely yours.

You have the flexibility to select your own accommodations, or you can leverage our extensive network of partnerships to secure your stay. We collaborate with a diverse array of premier accommodations, including quaint boutique hotels and opulent alpine resorts, all chosen for their exceptional comfort, quality, and quintessential Swiss charm.

For your own tour itinerary, tailored by our Swiss experts, get in touch with our team here

We offer personalized, private transportation solutions suited to your group’s size and preferences, ensuring a comfortable journey throughout your stay. This includes luxury vehicles for urban explorations and scenic train journeys to experience Switzerland’s picturesque landscapes.

Additionally, our service extends to providing expert driver guides who will enrich your journey with captivating stories and insights into Switzerland’s rich tapestry of history and culture, making each mile traveled an integral part of your experience.

Absolutely, we place utmost importance on accommodating your unique dietary and mobility needs or personal preferences. Our team carefully curates dining experiences and activities tailored to meet your specific requirements, be it due to health concerns, allergies, or individual choices.

Rest assured, we ensure that you enjoy the finest of Swiss cuisine and experiences without compromise.

Beyond the iconic sights, we offer exclusive experiences like private cheese-making workshops, visits to hidden vineyards, guided alpine treks, and more, giving you a genuine taste of Swiss culture and lifestyle.

For an itinerary containing hidden treasures of Switzerland, simply complete our online inquiry form and let us know what regions you are interested in, and our team will do the rest!

Switzerland’s weather can vary, so we recommend layered clothing. Essentials include a waterproof jacket, comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses, and sunscreen. For winter visits, warm clothing and appropriate snow gear are a must.

Our guides are fluent in English and several local languages, ensuring seamless communication. Furthermore, most Swiss locals in tourist areas speak English, minimizing any potential language barriers.

No! There is absolutely no fee or obligation to book when you request a customized itinerary from our team of locally-based travel planning specialists.

We understand that sometimes plans change, and you might need to cancel your booking. No worries, we’re here to help you out. You can cancel your tour anytime before your trip begins. Remember that we’ll need to cover any expenses we’ve already incurred in organizing your fantastic vacation. If you’d like a breakdown of these costs, please ask us!

We’ll ensure you’re taken care of and look forward to helping you plan your next adventure with us!

For our full cancellation policy, please see here: Terms & Conditions.

At Private Tours Switzerland, we’re dedicated to Switzerland’s community and natural preservation. We donate a portion of profits to maintain Swiss rough pastures, crucial for biodiversity and combating threats like urbanization, ensuring Switzerland’s beauty endures for future enjoyment.

Furthermore, we also do customized transfer tours (from hotel A to Mandarin Oriental vice versa). Fishing and Farm Experience can be available as well from Lucerne if you pre-book at least 2 weeks before. 

As you are spending the day with a Switzerland expert as your guide, we stay flexible on all our tours, even on the tour day, and will customize the tour according to your wishes. Regarding our experience among other things, that’s what the people love a lot about our experiences as it’s 100% customized. 

Depending on the tour that is no problem to shorten the tour, even though we don’t recommend it. The more time you spend on our experiences, the more you can enjoy and will love it. Depending on the destination the drive is already between 45 and 90 minutes. We want that you have more time in nature/ doing sightseeing than just being in the car.  

The price stays the same and there are two reasons for it. As the preparation is a big part of the experience (can be easily between 6-8 hours with the different homemade surprises), it’s not a big difference anymore, if we do one hour less. Furthermore, our top-rated guides is blocked the whole day so we can’t take any other customers. That’s why we recommend sticking with the suggested duration to have the full experience.  

Sadly, we don’t offer half-day trips, as we have realized the more time the guests spend with us, the more they love the tour experience. Depending on the tour, we also need to drive a bit to these stunning places, and we want you to experience the beauty of Switzerland and not the inside of our car. That’s why we normally don’t offer to do less than 6.5 hours. In our opinion, the best is to stick with the suggested time as you will profit the most from it. But if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Of course. The more trips the better the understanding of the country and the more unique the memories. Furthermore, your top-rated guide will always be 100% sure that the trip is diverse, and you visit different regions. Feel free to let us know in case you have any questions. 

The price is calculated per person/seat, so the age doesn’t matter. Thanks so much for your understanding. 

Flavors of Switzerland

Regions: The stunning Uri & Schwyz Alps. 

Great for food enthusiasts, sightseeing lovers and people who want to see nature off the beaten path. This tour can be 100% customized even on the tour day. Walking and even hiking is possible. 


Heidi Alpine Farm Animals Experience: 

Regions: Unterschächen area, Klausenpass & the Glarus Alps 

Great for families, people who love to walk, as well as animals, waterfalls, and mountain lovers. The tour can be customized even on the tour day. The chocolate manufacturer is Läderach or Aeschbach Chocolatier. 


Best of Jungfrau Region 

Regions: Bernese Alps (Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken, Mürren, Gimmelwald, Iseltwald) 

Great for mountain lovers and people who want to see the famous must-see places in Switzerland.  


5 Senses of the Swiss Alps 

Regions: Uri Alps 

Perfect for people who want to slow down and love exploring off the beaten path. The goal of this tour is to enjoy one or two places and soak up all the positive energy. 


Experience Liechtenstein 

Regions: Liechtenstein and Eastern Switzerland 

Perfect for people who want to see as many countries in the world as possible, as well as for mountain and chocolate lovers. 


Mountain Dream Swiss Alps Hiking Adventure 

Regions: Depends on your inputs, what you love, and the fitness level. Normally, we do the hikes off the beaten path in the Uri or Schwyz Alps, as these are our favorites. However, we know Switzerland very well and would love to hear your wishes. The hike can be 100% customized from easy to very hard. It’s also possible to do half-day hiking and half-day sightseeing. 

Perfect for active people, mountain enthusiasts, and nature lovers.