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Discover the best of Bern and explore the breathtaking Swiss nature and iconic sites nearby with your private driver-guide on our bespoke day tours.

Visit iconic sites like the Zytglogge Clock Tower, stroll through the enchanting Old Town of Bern, with its historic buildings and vibrant marketplaces. Experience the joy of meeting Bern’s famed bears at the Bear Park and trace the steps of the illustrious Albert Einstein, exploring significant spots that shaped his time in the city.

Join us to explore not just the cultural heart of Bern, but also to venture into the surrounding Swiss landscapes and renowned destinations, making for a truly immersive exploration of Bern’s timeless allure and the natural splendor of Switzerland.

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Highlights of Our Bern Day Tour Itinerary

Zytglogge Clock Tower Visit

Old Town Bern Walking Tour

Bern Bear Park

Bern Historical Museum Discovery

Einstein Discovery Tour

Zytglogge Clock Tower Visit

Zytglogge Clock, Bern, Switzerland

Begin your exploration of Bern with a journey back in time at the iconic Zytglogge Clock Tower, a symbol of the city’s rich history and architectural splendor. 

As you approach this medieval marvel, marvel at its intricate façade adorned with whimsical figurines and elaborate carvings, each telling a story of Bern’s past.

Step inside the tower and be transported to another era as you ascend its winding staircases and narrow passageways. Your expert guide will regale you with tales of the clock’s origins and the intricate mechanisms that have kept time for centuries.

Reach the tower’s summit and behold the breathtaking views of Bern’s Old Town, with its red-roofed buildings and cobblestone streets stretching out before you. 

Witness the clock’s mesmerizing performance as it chimes the hour, accompanied by the lively dance of its animated figures.

I had a wonderful experience with Private Tours Switzerland in the Jungfrau Region, Bernese Alps in Switzerland. Private Tours Switzerland created an unforgettable journey through the stunning scenery and showed us some beautiful places in Lauterbrunnen and Mürren. I decided to book a private tour as these often offer a more personal and intimate experience. I enjoyed exploring the scenic beauty, seeing the waterfalls and some parts of Lauterbrunnen and I also really enjoyed the charm of Mürren and Gimmelwald. The personal attention and knowledge of Marc helped me to fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps. It was a magical day and I would recommend Private Tours Switzerland to anyone looking for an unforgettable Swiss adventure. And thank you again for the swiss raclette with the best view on Mount Eiger.
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L Bucher

Old Town Bern Walking Tour

Bern Old Town, Switzerland

Next, immerse yourself in the charm of Bern’s Old Town with our guided walking tour. Wander through narrow cobblestone streets lined with medieval buildings, each steeped in centuries of history and culture.

Admire the intricate fountains adorning quaint squares, and discover hidden alleys brimming with artisan shops and cozy cafes as your guide shares captivating stories and legends from the city’s past.

With its UNESCO World Heritage status, Bern’s Old Town is a treasure trove of architectural wonders, from Gothic cathedrals to Renaissance palaces. Lose yourself in the timeless beauty of this historic district as you uncover its secrets and uncover its secrets and immerse yourself in its vibrant atmosphere.

Bern Bear Park

Bern Bear Park, Switzerland

What trip to Bern would be complete without a visit to the Bear Park, home to the city’s beloved mascot, the bear. 

As you enter the park, you’ll be greeted by spacious enclosures where these majestic creatures roam freely in a naturalistic habitat along the banks of the Aare River. 

Watch in awe as the bears play, forage, and swim, exhibiting their natural behaviors in a serene environment designed to mimic their wild surroundings. Learn about the significance of bears in Bernese culture and history, dating back to the city’s founding legend. 

Had a wonderful day with Marc as we toured hidden gems. Each location was beautiful and we had perfect views and hikes tailored for our family of 5. He was knowledgeable on the area and flexible in changing to meet whatever we were wanting. We had a traditional picnic in the base of a lovely mountain and hiked to several waterfalls. No one else on the trail. I would highly recommend if you like to be off the beaten path.
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Bern Historical Museum Discovery

Bern Historical Museum, Switzerland

Housed in a stunning neoclassical building, this comprehensive museum offers a fascinating journey through the city’s history, from its prehistoric origins to the present day. 

Explore themed exhibitions that delve into diverse aspects of Bernese life, including art, culture, politics, and everyday traditions. Admire ancient artifacts, intricate textiles, and priceless works of art that illuminate the stories of Bern’s inhabitants throughout the ages. Engage with interactive displays and multimedia presentations that bring history to life in vivid detail.

Einstein Discovery Tour

Our guided Einstein Discovery Tour in Bern delves into the profound impact and life of Albert Einstein, featuring visits to the Einstein Museum at the Bern Historical Museum, his former residence on Kramgasse 49, and the iconic Einstein House and Café. 

These key locations offer a comprehensive insight into Einstein’s groundbreaking work and his everyday life in Bern, providing a unique perspective on both the personal and professional aspects of one of the most influential figures in modern science.

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