Röti – Magical place with a panoramic view (Northwestern Switzerland)

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A breathtaking panoramic view of the Säntis, the Mittelland, Mont Blanc, the Jura and the Alps awaits you on the Röti. 

by Marc Gottwald

Wonderful 360 degree panoramic view

Imagine you have reached the highest point – the mountain top.

Peace reigns far and wide. Almost frightening calm. Only now and then do you hear a bird whose flapping and chirping catches your attention.

Then nothing. Nothing is here but you, your companion(s) and nature.

“Especially in winter, the view of the Alps from the Weissenstein is incomparable,” was already described in books from around 1900. No wonder, on a good day you can see a view from Säntis to Mont Blanc. A panoramic view that has a radius of more than 200 kilometers.

Not only the Alps show their most beautiful side from the Weissenstein and its highest point Röti. The view to the north and west, i.e. to the Swiss Jura, the French Vosges and the German Black Forest, is also unique when the weather is nice.

Panoramic view from the Röti

Easy to reach

And no wonder, the Röti is ideal for relaxing, recharging your batteries and escaping everyday life! And so close to Zurich and Basel (public transport approx. 1 hour 30 minutes; drive approx. 1 hour 15 minutes).

In 1 hour and 15 minutes to such a beautiful destination?

Sounds perfect doesn’t it?

But now you are probably asking yourself the question when is the ideal time for a trip to the Weissenstein and thus the Röti?

It’s good that you asked, because here too the fluctuations depend on the season.

In the winter months it is relatively quiet on the almost 1400 meter high Röti. There is a little more activity here in summer, but especially in the winter months with snow, the view, as described in the books, is extraordinarily beautiful.

And the ideal: You can always find a quiet spot. The excursion is also well suited for families with children (when arriving by cable car).

A mountain with a long history

It is also not surprising that this mountain has a long history behind it.

The Weissenstein was settled by shepherds 350 years ago. The mountain owes its fame to the cartographer Heinrich Keller, who praised the Weissenstein with its brilliant Alpine panorama.

This attracted educated nature lovers and students. That is why the Kurhaus on the Weissenstein was built around 1830 and became known for the whey cure.

Ever heard of a whey cure?

Whey is a by-product of cheese making and has a laxative effect. According to naturopathy, it is precisely this laxative effect that is health-promoting and cleansing.

Today the Hotel Kurhaus is being renovated, but the panorama restaurant is already open. A cable car has been running up the Weissenstein since 1951.

Are you a fan of useless knowledge?

Then we serve you an interesting fact.

In the first year of the cable car, almost 140,000 people were transported to the Weissenstein. This value was never reached again.

The most important things in brief

Unique panoramic view of the Mittelland, France, Germany and the Alps with a radius of more than 200 km. That corresponds to a distance of more than from Basel to Zurich and back.

Also an ideal excursion for families with children (when arriving by cable car in winter).

Arrival: Via Balmberg (recommended only without snow): Reachable by post bus or free by car, excluding travel costs and food. The Röti can be reached in a one-hour hike and 400 meters in altitude. Warning: the path is not recommended in winter when there is snow (danger signs warn)

Via Weissenstein (recommended when there is snow): Free with the car from Monday to Saturday (road is closed in winter), with cable car CHF 36 per person return without Half-Fare travelcard, CHF 18 with Half-Fare travelcard.

Food: Kurhotel Weissenstein; and Restaurant and Pension Mittlerer Balmberg (good rating on Google

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