Narcissus fields for dreamers and romantics (Western Switzerland)

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A mighty sea of daffodils paints the meadows above Lake Geneva in a snow-white landscape for romantics and dreamers. The perfect place to relax.

by Marc Gottwald

For dreamers and romantics

The flower of the poets is called the narcissus.

Anyone who has seen these incredible snow-white fields of daffodils combined with the unique view of Lake Geneva knows why.

Here everyone starts dreaming and can become a little poet. The daffodil fields above Montreux are the perfect place to relax and enjoy romantic moments.

Surprise your loved one

Why not surprise your loved one with a trip like this?

With a fine picnic, a bottle of regional Swiss wine, a large picnic area and the unique view of the fields of daffodils including Lake Geneva, this is guaranteed to be a unique surprise.

Moments like these that bond and you won’t soon forget.

Unfortunately, the daffodil fields are declining sharply.

The Decline of the Daffodils

Around 60 years ago, in the month of May, all the hills above Montreux were clad in snow-white. However, according to, the fields of daffodils were reduced by 83% (!) during this period. The remaining fields give an idea of how beautiful it once looked here.

But what are the reasons?

On the one hand there is the increasing real estate such as villas, which are built on the fields of daffodils. In addition to the house areas, the meadows on which the daffodils bloom are replaced with grass.

Even today, despite the knowledge that this natural treasure will be lost, construction continues.

On the other hand, it is agriculture, which has intensified significantly in these 60 years. For example, up until the 1950s, cattle only grazed on meadows above 1000 meters in altitude in June. Today this is already the case in April, right after the snow has melted and thus before the blooming of the beautiful flower.

That’s why it’s important that we visitors don’t put even more strain on the daffodils.

What simple things can we do about it?

Stay on the paths and don’t pick the flowers. Many of the meadows are therefore now also fenced.

The most beautiful places and hikes with daffodils

You will find a beautiful square with a lake view in Les Avants, which is only about 15 minutes from Les Avants train station. The three-hour hike along the Narcissus Trail from Les Avants is also highly recommended (same link).

Another tip is the Narzissenweg des Pléiades. Here you can enjoy a breathtaking Alpine panorama and a wonderful view of Lake Geneva when the weather is nice.

The most important things in brief

The daffodils bloom from May to early June

Places with daffodils: Les Avants (daffodil trail sign) and Les Pléaides

Please do not leave paths and do not pick flowers


Les Pléiades: By public transport from Vevey, train Vevey – Blonay – Les Pléiades to Lally or Les Pléiades or by car at the Tenasses car park

Les Avants: Take public transport from Montreux to Les Avants. Parking by car at Les Avants train station.

Food: Several restaurants are open in Les Avants in May.

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