Clunerseen – Like on another planet (Grisons)

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One of the biggest insider tips in Graubünden

It is one of the biggest insider tips in Graubünden. Very few people get lost here. But hardly understandable. Because the region of the Fideriser Heuberge with its Clunerseen enchants everyone who comes here.

The journey there alone is adventurous and worth seeing. In many places in Switzerland, a cable car would lead to such a destination. Not here. A kilometer long road meanders from the valley to the top. It’s about 30 minutes after all. With every minute, the view becomes more magnificent and more and more “Wow’s” jump over our lips.

The passengers definitely have a big advantage here, which is why it is worth taking a short break for the driver to enjoy the gigantic view.

Not only that. From a certain height, the meadows are only teeming with pink and purple flowers. These are orchids, so-called orchids. I’ve probably never seen so many in such a small space.

Orchids are strictly protected plants and are threatened with extinction due to changes in the landscape.

Short walk into another world

What is striking in addition to the colorful flowers are the bright green meadows. You rarely see anything as extreme as here, even in Switzerland. It takes you leisurely past a mountain stream and blooming alpine roses in just 15 minutes to the first lake, the lower Clunersee.

It looks like on another planet! Just wonderful and breathtaking. One might think that crowds of people would come to such a place. But it is a real insider tip! The lower Clunersee is surrounded on the one hand by mountains and on the other hand by the green meadows already described, which, if you look more closely, are moorland. These moorlands are habitats for many valuable plant and animal species and have therefore been included in the Federal Inventory of National Significance. It is strictly forbidden to leave the paths. Further up is a second mountain lake, the “Ober Clunsersee”. It’s easy to see that the two lakes won’t exist forever. Fine sediments are eroded from the mountains and deposited in the lake basin.

The lake is slowly silting up. First it will be a deep moor, eventually a raised moor. In any case, this is a true dream landscape and the perfect place for every connoisseur and peace seeker!

A ski area in winter

The cable cars are noticeable on a short walk. These are ski lifts that are used extensively in winter. Because the area around the Fideriser Heuberge is considered snow-sure. The Davoser-Parsenn-Bahnen even wanted to build a feeder line here. However, environmental groups complained that the project would have affected the moorland – and they were right.

The small area has retained its charm and nature is not being used even more intensively.

The most important things in brief

  • Insider tip near Davos (Grisons)
  • Diverse flora and fauna can be found thanks to the rough meadows, moorland and lakes
  • Suitable for those seeking peace and quiet, connoisseurs, dreamers and families

Arrival:The Clunerseen cannot be reached by public transport. The Fideriser Heuberge (car park) can be reached by car from Fideris in about 20-30 minutes. Then a leisurely 15-minute walk.

Food: Restaurant and Hotel Fideriser Heuberge, which serves typical Swiss cuisine.

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