Flavors of Switzerland Private Tour From Zurich

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A Foodie Daytrip Revealing The Best Scenery, Chocolate, Cheese, & Dining in Switzerland!

Discover the rich culinary traditions of Switzerland on our Flavors of Switzerland Tour!

This exclusive adventure is designed for food lovers and connoisseurs looking to immerse themselves in the sumptuous tastes and scenic beauty of Switzerland.

Along with your private driver-guide for the day, you’ll travel from Zurich to the stunning Uri and Glarus region, discover the serene landscapes of the Swiss Alps, enjoy a luxurious cheese and chocolate tasting, a Swiss Raclette experience and if wished a Swiss Mountain BBQ.

Highlights of our Swiss Food Tour

Pick-Up & Drop off in Zurich

Services of Experienced Driver Guide for the Day

Swiss Luxury Cheese Tasting

Mountain BBQ

Luxury Chocolate Tasting

Fine Dining in Zurich


A Cheese Board at The village of Quinten, near Zurich, Switzerland
Cheese Tasting, Switzerland

Begin your culinary adventure in the heart of Switzerland with a one-hour drive to a special Swiss Luxury Cheese Tasting in the Lake Lucerne area.

This experience serves as the perfect introduction to the rich heritage and refined flavors of Swiss cheeses. 

Each cheese is chosen to showcase the variety and complexity of flavors that Swiss cheesemakers have perfected over generations. Accompanying these exquisite cheeses will be homemade spelt fruit bread, which provides a nutty, wholesome complement to the creamy textures of the cheese. 

Fresh fruits and crisp vegetables will also be served, adding a refreshing balance to the palate with their natural sweetness and crunch.

This tasting is not just about savoring the cheese but also understanding its origins and production processes, making it a truly sophisticated and educational experience.


Swiss BBQ in the Alps, Switzerland
Swiss BBQ, Switzerland

Continue your Flavors of Switzerland tour with sightseeing of stunning places in the Klausenpass area followed by a memorable Mountain BBQ in the Swiss Alps. 

Venture into the Uri Alps, a region renowned for its pristine landscapes and breathtaking mountain vistas, where a secluded spot awaits for your culinary delight. Here, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Alps, you’ll engage in an authentic Swiss grilling experience.

As the grill warms up, prepare to cook an array of Swiss specialties, including locally sourced sausages and succulent chicken. These meats will be complemented by a selection of fresh vegetables, turning your BBQ into a feast that celebrates Swiss culinary traditions against a backdrop of alpine scenery. The experience of cooking outdoors in such a picturesque setting enhances the flavors and connects you with Switzerland’s natural beauty.

While you grill, take a moment to absorb the panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys that define the Swiss Alps’ majestic landscape. This BBQ isn’t just about enjoying great food; it’s about immersing yourself in the environment and savoring a moment that blends culinary pleasure with the serenity of nature. This unique dining experience promises to be a highlight of your tour, offering both relaxation and a taste of local culture.


Swiss Chocolate Pudding, Lakeside for tourists
Swiss Chocolate Lakeside, Switzerland

Before returning to Zurich, our Flavors of Switzerland tour includes a Luxury Chocolate Tasting behind a thundering waterfall in the UNESCO World Heritage of Sardona

Quite simply, there is no finer backdrop to this experience as the powerful glacier water of the waterfall and the majestic peaks of the Linthal Mountain Ranges create a truly indulgent experience.

Here, you’ll delve into the world of fine Swiss chocolates, renowned for their rich flavors and smooth textures. Each piece of chocolate has been expertly crafted by local luxury chocolatiers, using the finest ingredients and time-honored techniques Switzerland is famous for.

During the tasting, you will explore a variety of chocolates, each selected to demonstrate the depth and diversity of Swiss confectionery skills. 

Fine Dining in Zurich

Fine dining in a hotel in Zurich, Switzerland
Fine Dining, Zurich, Switzerland

After a day spent savoring Switzerland’s traditional and rustic flavors, return to Zurich for a sophisticated dinner that showcases the innovation and elegance of modern Swiss cuisine. 

Your dining experience will take place at a premier Zurich restaurant renowned for its creative culinary approaches and exceptional service.

The evening’s menu is thoughtfully crafted to highlight the best of Swiss gastronomy, incorporating local and seasonal ingredients into dishes such as Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (thinly sliced veal in a creamy mushroom sauce), Älplermagronen (a hearty Alpine macaroni with cheese, potatoes, onions, and topped with crispy onions), and a contemporary take on Rösti (crispy Swiss potato pancake), reimagined with upscale twists. Each course is beautifully plated, turning every dish into a work of art.

To complement your meal, enjoy a hand-picked selection of fine Swiss wines chosen to enhance the flavors of the dishes and introduce you to the country’s diverse wine regions.

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