Chocolate Making Course & Boat Ride to Quinten

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Journey from Zurich to Quinten Village & Lake Walensee

Escape from Zurich into a world of Swiss luxury chocolate and the untouched natural beauty of the car-free Roman village of Quinten.

This private day trip combines a hands-on chocolate-making course with a scenic boat ride, offering the perfect blend of culinary indulgence and serene landscapes.

Highlights of Our Chocolate Making and Quinten Village Day Trip

Private Chocolate Making Course at Läderach

Scenic Drive through the Swiss Alps

Boat Ride to Car-Free Village Quinten

Swiss Barbecue by Lake Walensee

Panoramic Views and Local Culinary Treats

Quinten Village Day Trip Itinerary

Your day starts with a scenic drive from Zurich to Bilten, home to the renowned Swiss Luxury Chocolatier Läderach. Here, your chocolate adventure begins.

Chocolate Making at Läderach

Läderach Chocolate Factory, Switzerland

Dive into the world of Swiss luxury chocolate at Läderach. Enjoy a welcome coffee or hot chocolate beverage before participating in a chocolate-making course led by expert chocolatiers. 

Learn how to select the best cocoa beans, master the tempering process, and personalize your chocolate creations with a variety of delicious toppings. This hands-on experience allows you to savor your own chocolate masterpieces.

Journey to Lake Walensee

Refreshed by your chocolate experience, continue your journey through the regions of Glarus and St. Gallen. 

Stop at a stunning, lesser-known viewpoint overlooking Lake Walensee for some Swiss snacks and a cheese plate. This will allow you to enjoy the majestic alpine views.

Boat Ride to Quinten

From the viewpoint, descend to the lake, where a charming boat awaits to take you to Quinten. 

This ancient Roman village is accessible only by water or foot, making it a tranquil retreat from modern life. Discover Quinten’s unique microclimate, which supports the growth of tropical fruits, wine, and even palm trees.

Swiss Barbecue & Swiss Cheese by the Lake

Cheese Tasting Near Quinten Village, Switzerland

Upon arrival in Quinten, enjoy a leisurely walk along the shores of Lake Walensee, followed by a delightful Swiss barbecue & cheese tasting.

Feast on traditional Swiss fare, such as sausages, chicken, and corn, all grilled to perfection by the lakeside. Relax and enjoy the tranquil setting, with opportunities for stone skipping and soaking in the panoramic mountain views.

Return Boat Ride and Drive

After your barbecue, stroll back to the docking station for a leisurely boat ride across the clear waters of Lake Walensee. 

This peaceful journey allows you to absorb the scenic beauty of the Alps fully. Conclude your day with a smooth drive along Lake Zurich, reflecting on a day filled with unforgettable experiences and flavors.

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