Geneva Vineyards & Wine Tasting

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Exclusive Wine Day Tour with Private Guide

Our luxurious Geneva day trip itinerary has been hand-crafted for you to explore the emergent and vibrant wine culture of the Geneva region with a local specialist.

Begin your day in comfort and luxury by joining your private driver-guide at your Geneva accommodation. Escape the bustling city and immerse yourself in the beauty and history of Montreux and Chillon Castle, nestled along the shores of picturesque Lake Geneva.

Highlights of Our Geneva Vineyards and Wine Tasting Day Tour

Private Tours of Multiple Geneva Vineyards

Expert-Led Wine Tastings with Artisanal Pairings

Scenic Drive Through Geneva’s Wine Country

Visit to a Historic Wine Estate

Optional Gourmet Lunch at a Vineyard

Geneva Vineyards and Wine Tasting Itinerary

Begin your day with a comfortable pickup from your location in Geneva as your private guide collects you in one of our luxurious Mercedes V-Class vehicles.

Vineyard Visits and Tastings

Vineyards by Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Your first stop is a family-owned vineyard known for its rich tradition and exceptional wines.

Here, you’ll have the privilege of meeting the passionate winemakers who have dedicated their lives to crafting exceptional wines rooted in tradition and terroir. Gain insight into the meticulous winemaking process as you tour the vineyard, from grape to bottle, and learn about the unique factors that contribute to the flavor profile of each varietal. 

Then, indulge your senses with a curated tasting experience, savoring a selection of the vineyard’s finest wines as you explore the nuances of aroma, taste, and texture that reflect the local terroir.

Continuing your journey through Geneva’s wine country, you’ll be whisked away to another prestigious vineyard renowned for its dedication to excellence and innovation. 

Step inside the facilities and immerse yourself in the world of winemaking as you embark on a private tour led by knowledgeable experts. Gain exclusive access to behind-the-scenes areas typically off-limits to the public, from the vineyard’s lush vineyards to its meticulously maintained cellars. 

Along the way, learn about the vineyard’s history, philosophy, and commitment to sustainable practices that ensure the preservation of the land for future generations. 

Scenic Drive and Historical Insights

As we drive between locations, enjoy the enchanting views of Geneva’s wine country. Your guide will share insights into the region’s wine history and the characteristics that make Geneva a notable wine-producing area.

Visit to a Historic Wine Estate

Wine Tasting Near Geneva, Switzerland

Next, explore a historic wine estate where the legacy of winemaking is intertwined with the architecture and heritage of the region. 

Learn about the estate’s centuries-old techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Gourmet Meal

Opt for a gourmet lunch at one of the vineyards. Here, you can enjoy a meal prepared with fresh, local ingredients, perfectly paired with estate wines. 

This meal offers a relaxed atmosphere to savor the culinary delights that complement the exquisite wines.

Reflect on the flavors and experiences of the day as you enjoy a leisurely drive back to Geneva. The combination of fine wines, stunning landscapes, and rich history makes this day an unforgettable journey through Geneva’s wine culture.

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