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Favorite Place: Belchenflue

One of Noomi’s favorite outdoor activities is making snake bread. This involves wrapping bread dough around a wooden stick and baking it over a fire at barbecues with family and friends.

Growing up in the Swiss countryside, she developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of Swiss nature. She’s always amazed by the beauty in detail, seeing nature as a testament to God’s craftsmanship. Being in nature has a calming and relieving effect on her, so escaping into nature is one of her go-to ways to relieve stress. She spent most of her childhood outdoors and still enjoys jogging and walking, especially after busy days. One of her favorite spots is Belchenflue, a mountain in the Canton of Baselland near where she grew up. It offers a stunning view, particularly at sunrise, when a sea of clouds is visible between the forest. Moreover, she has a passion for Swiss chocolate, loving both its exquisite flavor and the way Switzerland has perfected its production.